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Ten Thousand Ripples Emerging Buddha Sculptures

Do you know why there are Buddha sculptures in and around Evanston? Local artist and peace activist Indira Johnson collaborated with Changing Worlds on the Ten Thousand Ripples project to bring these beautiful sculptures to Evanston and Chicago neighborhoods. 

Sculpture Map

Check out the updated map of sculptures for your next scavenger hunt, city walk, or bike ride. Photos and location descriptions included!

Map of Ten Thousand Ripples Buddha Head Sculptures .webp
At the Ecology Center

Did you know that there is a traditional carved Hawaiian Tiki at the Evanston Ecology Center?  Read about the artist Johnnie “Keoni” Durant and how this sculpture came to be HERE and check it out on your next visit to the Ladd Arboretum!

Learn a bit of history about Hawaiian Tiki HERE and some background on totem HERE.

There is a beautiful installation of 1,000 Japanese-inspired paper cranes adorning the ceiling of the Ecology Center.  The cranes were created by members of the community in an effort to create "communal hope for peace." Check out the story HERE.

Learn about the history of Origami in Japan HERE and the origins of the 1,000 paper cranes HERE.

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