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Help us bring an
Asian American Art & Culture Center
to Evanston!

A center where Asian American art, culture, stories and history can be researched, created, shared, performed, archived and preserved.  This space will serve as the FIRST EVER in Evanston to serve the needs of our local Asian American community as a resource center and point of connection for outside social services, mental health, immigration, translation and legal services.

10% of Evanstonians identify as Asian American yet there are NO spaces, services or supports in our city that meet their needs.  Asian Americans have been in Evanston since the late1800’s yet there are NO documents, images, stories or artifacts archived to show that Asian Americans have been or continue to exist here.  Asian Americans continue to be INVISIBLE and underrepresented in our city and this Center will be the first step towards combating the continued rise in anti-Asian hate and violence and preparing the harm that the Asian American community continues to experience.

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