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Umbrella Arts Festival

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The Umbrella Arts Festival is a celebration of Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander (ASPA) culture and art.  The event is designed to increase visibility and representation of the ASPA community and to engage the community-at-large in collective experiences that work to dispel harmful myths and narratives about the ASPA community.  It provides opportunities to raise awareness, educate and engage people in dialogues that counter the rise in anti-Asian hate and violence that continues throughout the country.  The Umbrella Arts Festival invites people into these experiences and conversations through the arts.  The umbrella symbolizes the ASPA diaspora which includes a diversity of ethnicities from over 40 countries around the world, and is inclusive of the many intersections of identities that exist in our communities.  The festival is free and open to all ages!

Umbrella Arts Festival 2023
Saturday, May 13th
11am - 2pm
Fountain Square, Downtown Evanston

The 2023 Umbrella Arts Festival is sponsored by the City of Evanston

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